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I have finally gotten some time to watch Anne Lamott’s writing workshop that I signed up for. It livestreamed in Australia on Mother’s Day at 6 am so needless to say I didn’t actually watch it live. If you’re interested in some encouragement for your own writing, you can purchase a ticket and watch the video like I’m doing after the fact (available for the next few months).

I’ve been thinking a lot lately, especially while I’ve been on my six month hiatus from absolutely anything that required rehearsals or a major commitment, about why I need to do creative things. Does my writing count if I’m never published again? Does it count if I never perform again? Is my music practice worth anything if I never play in public again? Well, here’s some advice from Anne and if you’re a writer here’s a quote from the workshop to whet your appetite:

Some of you, I know, hope to be published. And you think that if you got published, you will have instantly great self-esteem, and most of your problems will be solved, let alone probably making a small fortune and getting the respect of your family, finally at the ripe old age of 57, or whatever, and none of that will happen. It won’t happen. It’s an inside job, you know. The respect is inside, and the writing life can give that to you. For you to do your writing every day as a debt of honour every day for a little while, even though it’s hard and you’re not in the mood, will give you that respect and it’ll give you that way of life.

…I’m telling you that because you think the reward is out there waiting for you. It’s really not. The reward is in the writing and I want to help you be able to start, to get started.

Anne lamott , ‘Why write, what to write, and how to write’ Book Passage, 14 May 2023