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‘Is it true,’ Ermengarde whispered, as they went through the hall—‘is it true that you have a playroom all to yourself?’

‘Yes,’ Sara answered. ‘Papa asked Miss Minchin to let me have one, because—well, it was because when I play I make up stories and tell them to myself, and I don’t like people hear me. It spoils it if I think people listen.’

They had reached the passage leading to Sara’s room by this time, and Ermengarde stopped short, staring, and quite losing her breath.

“You make up stories!’ she gasped. ‘Can you do that—as well as speak French? Can you?’

Sara looked at her in simple surprise.

‘Why, anyone can make up things,’ she said. ‘Have you never tried?’

A Little Princess, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Folio Society, 2007, p26